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    Same measure different result on KPI vs Pivot Table

    Neil Gabin

      The same measure (Active Work Days) produces a different result when used on the KPI object compared to the Pivot Table object


      The numbers in the Pivot table are correct at all levels of the hierarchy (Region, Role and Worker) but the number in the KPI object is showing the value at the lowest level only. I need it to reflect the value for the selected Region, Role or Worker and also for the Month/s or Week/s that are selected.


      This is the definition of the KPI object


      This is the definition of the Pivot Table object.



      Here are the definitions of the measure and the variable it depends on


      MEASURE: Active Work Days


      VARIABLE: vActiveWorkDaysInPeriod

      Number of workdays (excluding weekends) in the selected period, less any days where a worker started or ended with us in the selected period. Uses the WeekStart() and MonthStart() functions so that it counts the number of days in the week or month regardless of whether a worker has logged time for those days or not.