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    Nprinting report publish to folder alone

    Rakul Alagu

      Hi All,

      I m trying to publish a Power Point report to a folder location alone without emailing to anyone. When i run a task with Folder alone in destination, the report is not generated into the folder but if I add a user along with it, then I m able to get the report in email along with a copy generated in specified folder.

      Please let me know if there is a way to publish a powerpoint reports into folder location alone. I dont want it to be emailed to any users or news stand.


      Nprinting version :

      Report Type - Powerpoint

      Folder location : Server(Nprinting is able to generate files into this path)




        • Re: Nprinting report publish to folder alone
          Lech Miszkiewicz



          Firs of all every report needs to have a recipient, so you need to add at least 1 reciepient when running a NPrinting publish task!!!


          Recipient does not have to receive email, but he/she still needs to be present to run report as the report generation i based on recipients Roles and their ability to see/ or not to see reports. Make sure you pick a recipient who is eligible to see a report yo utry to publish to your destination.


          If you remove recipients from Publish Task  - your report will not be generated.


          Now down to your example.

          • Please add recipients in Publish Task
          • Go to Destination Tab under Publish Task and tick only Folder destination (you can untick NewsStand and Email destination) - see my screenshot as a reference
          • Run Task - This should create a report  you require and should store it in designed folder



          If you have any other questions please let me know.