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    URL Symbol

    Steve Nelson

      Hi All,


      I'm new to GeoAnalytics so bear with me.


      I'm trying to add a custom symbol in the bubble layer but after I enter the URL it returns a small grey square when the image should be a pin.  Below is the URL and syntax I using.




      Any ideas what may be the issue?


      Thanks for any feedback.

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          Jonas Karlsson


          Sorry but I can´te get your symbol to work. Just tried with another pin and that worked just fine. We´ve reported this to R&D.


          I attached an example using this symbol instead: http://www.clker.com/cliparts/n/T/j/m/1/z/map-pin-green-md.png


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          Jonas Karlsson


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            Patric Nordström

            Hi Steve,

            Sorry, it's a bug in the symbol layer with urls that contain '|' character.

            Will be fixed in the next version.