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    Help with Conditionally coloring percentages

    Jordan Hertl

      Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this formula.


      My first formula works...here it is.


      Num(Count({<test_score = {">=4"}>} test_score) /Count(test_score),'0%')


      This is giving me a KPI with a percentage of how many test scores are over 4.


      I wanted to conditionally color it based on how high the percentage is. This is the part I am having a difficult time with.


      =if(([test_score]) >= 60, rgb(132,186,8))

      =if(([test_score]) >=31 and <-59 rgb(255,203,85))

      =if(([test_score]) <= 30, rgb(247,77,49))


      Can anyone help me to get this to work? I think the first and 3rd lines work but I am not sure how to get this range between 31 and 59 to work.