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    want to use max value of a field by restricting in load editor ??

    Divyanshi Bansal


      There is a main table  FY18 and we have created a resident table tab1 to use GROUP BY function.





      "Customer Group",

      Text(if(Sum("Total Revenue")<0.25,'Tail Account (Rev< 1 Mn)',

      if(Sum("Total Revenue")>=1.2,'Large Account (Rev> 5 Mn)',

      If(Sum("Total Revenue")>=0.25 and sum("Total Revenue")<1.2,'Middle Account (Rev 1-5 Mn)')))) as account

      Resident FY18

      where Quarters=max(Quarters)

      Group by CDG , Customer Group;


      I want that grouping should perform over the data of maximum Quarter.

      Therefore I use,

      where Quarters=max(Quarters)


      but this gives error.


      Kindly help.