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    Load balancing not working

    Rohit Kumar

      Hi Techies,


      I have three servers, #1 which is central node, #2 which has N printing installed and #3 which is Balancing Node. I have one application #App which is Balanced or SYNC to #3 node or server and when i open this application it is consuming #3 resources.


      Now: When I am working on #2 which is N Priniting server and run a report through N printing and on the stage of REPORT GENERATION, the consumption of #1,#2,#3 are:

      #1(Central Node) has 30-35%

      #2(N printing server) has 1-8%

      #3(Balancing Node) has 1-8%,

      I am trying to know why report generation is consuming central node resources when #App sync to #3 Balancing Node ?

      Thanks in advance


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          Fábio Ribeiro

          Hi Rohit, how are you?


          Could you post what URL are you using in the NPrinting Connection?

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              Rohit Kumar

              Hi Fabio,

              Thanks for your response.

              There is two way of configuring the N Printing connection, First, I put Central node in Proxy address and second I put my load balancing Node address in it:


              If i put Central node address, it is far better than putting Load balancing Node address.


              I wana know in both of the way my why central node resources are getting consumed so high when I have sync to #3 Load balancing App(Proxy,Engine Services are enabled).


              I am attaching the snapshot of N printing connector