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    Tips & Tricks - Copy / Paste objects from the Container

    Fernando Toledo

      Hi everybody!


      This week I found myself playing with the new object: The Container.


      First I found that you can drag objets and drop them inside the container. Smart, easy and intuitive.


      But I got a little dificult trying to copy / paste a container from a document to another. QV makes a real mess in this case! It pastes the container but leaves the charts and other objects behind, and as a bonus, brings garbage inside it (charts displaying as unavailable in the containers properties window).


      Copy & Paste the inner objects directly from the container doesn´t work either. But I found a way to deal with it. You can clone objects from a container just right clicking on them, then hit "Clone". It will create a copy of the chart outside the container and with a new ID.


      What you do is to clone every chart from the container, them copy them to the new QVW and then put the charts inside a new container in the destination QVW.


      A little tricky, but does the job.


      I think that QlikTech will soon make this new object class easier to handle!


      Hope it helps!


      Best regards