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    Nprinting 16 Excel report slowly generated with simple filter

    Thomas Morales

      Hi everybody,


      I hope that you could give me something of light in this problem that I have having with a excel report, it's a simple report with a a simple filter. We try to use a filter in recipient to send a excel file by each client or user.

      we were create a this filter in the scripot to then import in Nprinting recipients.



        'numClient={' & numClient& '}<verify>' as Filter,



      From [..\ tes\test\testA.qvd];


      we use this table to import the recipients



      then we have a other table related with this first table by  numClient like this:


      load :




      From [..\ tes\test\testB.qvd];


      we use this table to generate a report with table in excel.


      to this point everything is normal and works fine... but when you  execute the task in Nprinting everytime that it apply the filter of recipients have a delay that a minute or more....for each client.... and we do not understand why¿? because the model is simple 2 tables and the related is one simple field.


      the final report for each client show one row or 5 row  as maximun...



      someone can give us a clue or the explanation why the process is so slow ... in the model when you apply the filter is faster... less than a second....


      Thanks in advance for any clue or help that you can give us.


      PS: we use Nprinting 16 ( (SR2))