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    Folder Datasource error

    Alberto Rubio

      Dear All,


      I am experiencing a problema with Folder datasources. Ia m getting this error qehn trying to upload data from folder datasources. IMind you, I am not always getting it. It happens only 1 out of five times I use the folder datasources. I am attaching the error (the message is actuually in Spanish).


      Our QLick Sense Server is a two nodes F5 balanced server, and the applications folder is. on a NAS  that is used as a Windows folder on the QLik Sense server.


      Sometimes, accessing directly to the nodes rather tan the F5 server you can bypass the problem, sometimes duplicating the application fix it. But the problem keeps coming back again and again.


      Has anybody experienced the same problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?


      Thanks in advance