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    Nested If with getfieldselections not working

    Eddy Van Eynde



      I'm trying to use getfieldselections in an expression,  to get the user's selection of the company code.

      Because I have multiple possibilities, I use a nested if. But it works for only for one nested if, when I add another 'if' I get a error in the expression.  is there a restriction in use, because separate the syntax is working.


      =if(GetFieldSelections([Company Code])= ' ',Sum({$<[Customer Code]=E({1<[NoFilter]={'Intercompany-4'}>})>}Quantity)

      ,if(GetFieldSelections([Company Code],'+',2)='BE04','US12',Sum({$<[Customer Code]=E({1<[Filter BE04/US12]={'Intercompany-4'}>})>}Quantity))

      ,if(GetFieldSelections([Company Code],'+',2)='BE04','US29',Sum({$<[Customer Code]=E({1<[Filter BE04/US29]={'Intercompany-4'}>})>}Quantity))

      ,if(GetFieldSelections([Company Code],'+',2)='US12','US29',Sum({$<[Customer Code]=E({1<[Filter US12/US29]={'Intercompany-4'}>})>}Quantity)))




      =if(GetFieldSelections([Company Code],',',2)='BE04','US12',Sum({$<[Filter BE04/US12]=-{'Intercompany-4'}>}Quantity)

      ,if(GetFieldSelections([Company Code],',',2)='BE04','US29',Sum({$<[Filter BE04/US29]=-{'Intercompany-4'}>}Quantity))



      With both I get an error, can anyone say what the problem is

      Or is it better to use pick match ..;  but how is the syntax to get the same result