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    Dynamically selecting multiple measures in charts

    diksha ojha

      Hello All,

      I'm trying to achieve selection of multiple measures in a bar chart, have achieved for a single measure, but due to color by I'm unable to select more then one measure at a same time. Moreover I have already selected one dimension which is responsible for legends.

      For example-

      Have following Filters:

      Filter1 (dimension):

      value 1a, value 1b, value 1c

      Filter2 (dimension):

      value 2a, value 2b

      Filter3 (metrics):

      value 3a, value 3b, value 3c, value 3d


      I have created a Bar Chart over the above filters, where under Data field in dimension i have used data of Filter1 and Filter2 and in Metrics I have used data of Filter3.

      For Legends

      I have used another dimension (which is fixed) for Colors & Legends and in stacked form.

      My Final Result

      For a respective selected metrics (Filter3), it is showing data bars for the selected metrics (Filter3) only

      Problem (What I want)

      I want a view where if I select multiple metrics(Filter3) then, parallel data bars for all the selected metrics (Filter3) values is displayed in a bar chart.

      I'm trying to achieve this, kindly help, its urgent.

      Quick responses are most appreciated.


      Diksha Ojha