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    QV Upgrade / Downgrade - Keep QMC Settings

    Ganesh Devarashetty

      We have 3 Server architecture - Publisher(with QMC), QV Server and Web Server. I tried upgrading from QV11 to QV12 or Downgrade from QV12 to QV11 (for rollback). I am looking for a solution where I don't want to reconfigure QMC but to carry over the settings. Can anyone suggest on how to.


      I see the following issues:

      1. License Information is getting lost. I have backup of QlikTech and Qlikview Folders. What files do I need to restore?

      2. The QMS configuration of having 3 Servers connected is also getting lost. I know there are config files in Qlikview folder but want to know specifically what files to copy over.


      We have Root Directory, QVSLogs, QDS in a NAS Common share drive.


      Anyone's prompt response will be greatly appreciated.