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    NP17 Recipents vs NP16 ?

    Jean-Christophe Taupin



      In NP16 when you create a Recipient we can tick a box : enabled activate  filter

      IN NP17 this function disappears,


      In NP17 when you create a Recipient we need to put a password, it's possible don't have it



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          Ruggero Piccoli



          The Enable Filter check inside the user profile is not yet available in Qlik NPrinting 17. I sent this request to the dev team but I don't know when the gap will be filled.

          In Qlik NPrinting 17 you can enable or disable filters, so you can use this check for filters that are related to a single user.


          In Qlik NPrinting 17 the password for every user is mandatory.



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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            just to add to Ruggero's comment regarding password....

            Password is compulsory -  however it if you use DOMAIN Account and Windows Authentication this password is not considered so it can be just generic/dummy one for all users.




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              Jean-Christophe Taupin

              Thanks  Ruggero and Lech