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    SSE-R with Microsoft Machine Learning Server

    Jason Bassett

      Has anyone had success with integrating Qlik Sense with Microsoft ML Server? I am curious if anyone has gone through the pain of setting the SSE-R extension configuration. Any help you can give is sincerely appreciated.

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          Charney Hoffmann

          Hi Jason,


          I haven't integrated to Microsoft Machine Learning Server, but I did get the SSE-R extension working with Qlik Sense Desktop following the guide carefully: Installing R with Qlik Sense.pdf


          --Install Qlik Sense June Release or later (I used September release patch 1)

          --Install R. (The document references 3.4.1, but I used 3.4.2 and it worked the same)

          --Install a bunch of R packages

          --Install the SSE-R connector (I used the precompiled version, so all I actually had to do is download, unzip, run the executable.


          Maybe this will help some.