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    Qlik Sense Data Load Syntax Help - 'Where in' Clause + Select Subquery + Logical operator

    Rajesh Santhana Krishnan



      I am looking to load the data in Qlik Sense using a where clause from multiple temp tables that are loaded in the same code. Below is sample Psuedo code that looking to implement. Please suggest the right syntax and other better ways to load the data. Thanks a lot in advance for the help!!


      Sample Code



      LOAD *

      FROM [lib://masterdata.qvd];



      LOAD "Vendor Name"

      FROM [lib://vendordata.xls];



      LOAD "Cost Center ID"

      FROM [lib://costcenterdata.xls];


      /// Need help with the syntax for the below code ////

      Table 2:

      Load * Resident Table 1

      where exists (select [Vendor Name] from Resident Vendor) OR exists (select [Cost Center ID] from Resident CostCenter );


      Drop Table Table1,Vendor, CostCenter;