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    SQL credentials not saved in Qlik Cloud Business?

    Harm Snaphaan

      Hi, it seems that since last night credentials used for connecting with a SQL Server in Qlik Cloud Business are not being saved. Every time I try to refresh the data, the following error appears:


      Connector connect error: SQL##f - SqlState: 28000, ErrorCode: 4294967295, ErrorMsg: [Simba][DSI] An error occurred while attempting to retrieve the error message for key 'CredentialMissing' and component ID 1: Could not open error message files - Check that "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data\QvOdbcConnectorPackage\SimbaMSSQL\lib\en-US\ODBCMessages.xml" or "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data\QvOdbcConnectorPackage\SimbaMSSQL\lib\ODBCMessages_en-US.xml" exists and are accessible. MessageParameters=["{[UID] [PWD]}"]

      When I open the connection, the credentials are empty. I can add them, test the connection and refresh the data but a minute later the credentials are gone again resulting in the same error message. This also means that de auto-refresh is not working at this point.


      This happens for all of our customers as well, so it does not seem to apply to a single environment. Hope this can be fixed soon!