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    Need help - using ComplexADHanlder for Qlik Sense

    Arvind Waghmare

      Hello All, I came across to ComplexADHanlder: page by Joe Bickley, about a login module for handling complex AD groups for Qlik Sense.


      We have multiple active directory ( domains ) users using our multinode Qlik Sense site...however due to limitation of retrieving attributes for a user from one domain and belong to ad group of another domain, we are ended up with creating multiple ad groups, one for each domain, resulting in redundency of ad groups.  Now it has become big concern managing them.


      The features ComplexADHanlder: will definitely help us to resolve complexity, however I do not find the proper info on how this can be implemented... .. Could you pleaes guide me on how to use ComplexADHanlder: