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    How to write aggr function

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

                        Some thing weird is happening  with me ,i need suggestion in resolving this issue plz ,from the below table,


      Column 1=Quantity

                        Expression: Sum({<[/BIC/A_FVER]={'F00'}>}QUANTITY)

      Column 2=Price

                        Expression: avg({<SCOPE={'YES'}>}[UNIT PRICE])


      Column 3=Quantity * Price

                        Expression: Sum({<[/BIC/A_FVER]={'F00'}>}QUANTITY)*avg({<SCOPE={'YES'}>}[UNIT PRICE])

      Column 4: Same Column 3 expression but I am using aggr function


                        Expression: Projected Spend(Quantity * Price)

                            sum(aggr(Sum({<[/BIC/A_FVER]={'F00'},SCOPE={'YES'}>}QUANTITY)*avg({<SCOPE={'YES'}>}[UNIT PRICE]),[MATERIAL CODE],[VENDOR CODE],[PLANT CODE]))

      Instead of getting zero I am getting values for each row when I use aggr function ,I am getting zero for each row if I am not using aggr function ,

          so is something wrong with my 4th expression ,because I suppose to get zero for row instead of same values.....