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    Date Parameter Issue in Qliksense Extraction

    shair abbas

      Hi guys,
          Please Help me out i am trying to extract data from Oracle DB on particular date but somehow i am unable to do this i have tried following script


      LIB CONNECT TO 'Snd Pro';


      SQL SELECT  *


      where TO_CHAR(cast(DOC_DATE),'ddMONyyyy')= '01NOV2017';


      this particular script is running properly on some table but get ‘0’ no of records on other tables.

      I have tried following date format but getting 0 no of rows

      DOC_DATE >= ’01-NOV-2017’

      DOC_DATE >= ‘vDate’; // in vDate we have value ’01-NOV-2017’

      DOC_DATE >= ‘01/11/2017’

      DOC_DATE >= ‘01/NOV/2017’

      DOC_DATE >= ‘11/01/2017’

      DOC_DATE >= ‘2017-11-01’