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    Configure Qlik Sense Enterprise

    daniel melo

      Hi all,


      I am reading this guide; (NEW - June2017) Qlik Sense on Azure Deployment Guide

      There is something I don't understand from the documentation so I would be very happy if anyone of you can clarify to me:


      From page 22:

      To allocate tokens, follow these steps:

      c. Select the id you are logged in with (i.e. Administrator), and click Allocate. A ‘Successfully Allocated’ message will display at the bottom of the browser. This is so the administrator always has a license. From a Governance point of view, the ‘administrator’ account should never be used to configure Qlik Sense Enterprise. The configuration should be done using a Qlik Administrator account. The Qlik Sense Administration should log into Windows using that Qlik Sense Administrator account that was created earlier (i.e. QSAdmin).


      What is the difference between 'administrator' account and the Qlik Administrator account?



      Daniel M