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    checking the query run time


      When you have a query in Qlikview document/object, is there a way to check on the querying time
      of the sql loading or something like that? thanks.

        • checking the query run time
          Rob Wunderlich

          Are you asking about the time it takes to do the SQL query in the load script? You can get a pretty good idea from looking at the logfile.

          Or you can bracket your script statements with something like this:

          LET START = now(1);
          do the load & sql
          LET ELAPSED = now(1) - ELAPSED;

          Then display the variable in a text object as "=interval(ELAPSED, 'hh:mm:ss')"

          Or are you looking for how long it takes for an object to display after making selections? Those values are available inthe Sheet Properties/Objects tab in the "Calc Time" column.