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    QRS API sync user & start task methods working incorrectly [QS September 2017]

    Yan Ivan Evdokimov

      I am trying to remotely synchronize users. For this task I have found a method described here: User: Synchronize user ‒ Qlik Sense.

      Unfortunately, this method returns "True" every single time, even if fake "userdirectory" and "userid" is being provided. Moreover, user directory is not being synced and user data is not being updated.

      Another method I have tried is described here: Task: Start by name ‒ Qlik Sense.

      I am passing user sync task name to it and task executes successfully. However, if I look at user in QMC, it will contain duplicated user data and attributes. If after that I launch task manually from QMC, duplicates will disappear and attributes will be shown correctly.

      So my questions are:

      Why synchronize user method is not working at all, but returns "True" every time?

      Why user attributes are duplicated if task is started using QRS API?

      If these methods are not working properly, how to achieve remote user synchronization?