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    Set Analysis inside Set Analysis

    Jonnie Yacoub

      Hey community,


      I have some trouble with an Set Analysis expression. I have the following table: [lead_id], [lead_inserted], [lead_name_last], [lead_priority], [lead_type] (this is lead or deal),[lead_source].


      I have made an Bar chart with the dimension [lead_inserted] with the possibility to drill down (year, month, date). For the expression i want an to count ALL of the [lead_type] "lead", the [lead_inserted] needs to start from 14/02/2017 (D/M/YYYY) and from the [lead_source] i want to EXCLUDE "ld-landlord". I tried the following expression without the result i would like:


      =Count({<[lead_type] ={"lead"}>

      + = $ < [lead_inserted.autoCalendar.Date]={">=14/2/2017"}>

      + = <$-1<[lead_source]={"ld-landlord"}>}



      With an single set analysis expression it works. Like this:


      =Count({<[lead_type] ={"lead"}>}



      Can anybody help me with my expression?