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    QlikView Management Service API: RemoteGetServices not workking

    Richard Lewis

      Hello Experts,


      I'll start with a quick background. We're upgrading our Qlikview server from 11.2 to 12.10,  and I was planning on using the

      QVMSAPI to programmatically move tasks and CALs  from our 11.2 box to our 12.1 box. This will be accomplished by doing a fresh

      install of 11.2 , copying the tasks and CALs from the old server to the new server (using the QVMSAPI), and then doing an in-place

      upgrade of the new 11.2 box to Qlikview server 12.1. We're aware the QVMSAPI is not supported between different major

      versions of Qlikview, hence the in-place upgrade of a fresh install once the tasks and CALS have been migrated over using

      the QVMSAPI version 11.


      To the above ends, I setup my Visual Studio 2017 environment as outlined in the QMS API documentation (the chm file for

      QMS API version 11). Examples from the chm file where I reference the local server work without issue, but any example code

      referencing a "remote" method fails. For example, this line of code causes an exception: List<ServiceInfo> remoteServices = apiClient.RemoteGetServices(remoteQMSService.ID, ServiceTypes.All);


      Things I've tried in an effort to troubleshoot:

      1) Verified the service is running using netstat on the server and resolving the URL of the service in a browser

          (when putting in the url, http://qv-testdev:4799/QMS/Service, XML is displayed for the service)


      2) If I manually replace "remoteQMSService.ID" with the remote GUID, the call still fails with an exception.


      3) Tested that calls that aren't remote work as intended. That is, a call to GetServices works for both the local

          server and when explicitly using another server in the call to the apiClient's constructor function.


      I've attached a log of the exceptions thrown for reference.

      Any suggestions are appreciated. Thoughts on alternate ways to migrate tasks during upgrade are welcome too!


      Thanks in advance.