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    Data connections not loading

    Leigh Peiser

      Hi Guys


      It seems I'm having a problem with data connections not loading within Workspace apps.


      Data connections within apps in My Apps load fine within a few seconds of opening the Data load editor.

      However Data connections within apps in Workspace don't load (not even the default connections) - have waited over 5 minutes for connections to load before giving up.



      There was an issue with connectors failing yesterday, but this was apparently resolved yesterday evening:

      Qlik Sense Cloud - Business offline??


      I've tested the issue across two completely separate Qlik Sense Cloud profiles and across multiple apps.


      Please advise.




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          Leigh Peiser

          An update on the above:


          This seems to be a IE issue, when switching to Chrome, the connections loaded fine.


          Another issue resolved by switching to Chrome is that I can now open more than one App at a time, whereas IE would only allow one App to open - any subsequent Apps that I tried to open would not move past the Setting Up screen.

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              ofer wallach

              Hi Leigh,


              Sorry to hear about your bad experience above. Unfortunate, Microsoft browsers poses a very specific problem to many Web applications that need to use more then 4 open web-socket sessions. This limitation persist across all of Microsoft's browser supported version. The web-socket limitation impacts Qlik Sense Cloud in other ways as well. Some of them are documented in our Help site under: Troubleshooting - Navigate and interact ‒ Qlik Sense.

              For Qlik Sense Cloud, the infestation of the limitation is presented a bit differently then on the Qlik Sense Enterprise product, but the root cause is still the same.
              If you really keen on using Internet Explorer product line, Microsoft provides a way to increase the limitation, but it involves with registry key manipulation, and therefore I cannot (and would not ) officially recommend you to go that rout.

              Chrome browser, as any other browser that we are officially support, is a good browser that would fully support your needs for Qlik Sense Cloud, as it does not limit your web-socket session count, and is fully compatible with Qlik Sense Cloud.

              Hope this information help you, and others that would have similar issues, understand the limitations and the hardship that arise from using Internet Explorer for certain needs.