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    Line Chart | Show Before-Value at NULL dimension values

    John Schmidt



      i have a problem with a line chart.

      I have a dimension on the x-axis with all months from 2010 to 2017.

      On the y-axis i have a metric for products (average price).

      These metrics for the products are calculated not regularily so i DONT have a metric for every month.

      In the example i filtered a certain product and it displays me the months where i have a metric for.


      However this is not how i would like to display it. This is who i would like to show it:

      i would like to show EVERY month in my dimension in the chart. For a month where there is no metric i want to show

      the value from the month before. At the end the should always be the time range from 2010 to 2017.

      Is it possible to achieve this using the chart setting/formula?

      Of course i could also adapt the data but that would blow up the data size pretty much.


      Would be very glad for some advice.


      Thanks a lot!