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    How to implement OR in set analysis

    Rajarshi Guin

      Hi All,


      I have a measure where the set analysis condition is as follows.

      {<[Case Status Code]={'A'},

      [Issue Resolve Progress Code]={'A','C','O'},

      [SLA Date]={"$(=$(vEndDate))"}>}


      {<[Case Status Code]={'O'},

      [Issue Resolve Progress Code]={'RA','RO','U'},

      [Transaction Date]={"$(=$(vEndDate))"}>}


      So, the condition is like either (Case Status Code='A' and Issue Resolve Progress Code={'A','C','O'} and SLA Date={"$(=$(vEndDate))"})

      or (Case Status Code='O' and Issue Resolve Progress Code]={'RA','RO','U'} and Transaction Date={"$(=$(vEndDate))"})


      The vEndDate variable is used to store the date selected in filter by the user. As the calculation is filtered based on date selected by user, I cannot implement this condition at the script level.

      Can anyone please let me know how to implement this OR logic between conditions.