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    Regular expression

    Twan Peters

      I build a regular expression that I want to use in Qlikview


      Regular expression:


      ^(?P<sector>CL|LI|HC|CRS|GBL|TEST)?\s*(?P<country>[A-Z]{2}|MULTI|TEST)?\s*(?P<date>\d{8})?\s*(?P<bgcat>[A-Z]{4,6})?\s*(?P<asset>[A-Z]{2})?\s*(?P<type>[A-Z]{4,5})?\s*(?P<subtype>(Cross sell|Test drivers|[A-Za-z&]+))?\s*(?P<name>.*?)?\s*(?P<ticket>#?[a-zA-Z]{3}-\d{3}-\d{5})?$


      For names like this, example name:


      CL RU 20161017 CRBCRC CA CLCP Welcome #LGJ-309-18486


      When i run this regular expression on https://regex101.com/ it will result in a split like on the below image:

      Regular expression.PNG

      My goal is to use this expression in Qlikview to store the matched values in different fields.


      E.g. store the 'CL' value in the Group Sector field

      Store the 'RU' value in the country field



      However, can Qlikview handle regular expressions, i couldn't find how to use them and in case not, what is then possible?