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    want maximum month for a quarter?

    Divyanshi Bansal

      I have a Quarter filter and want to display the data of last month of selected Quarter.


      I get this by using below expression  :


      Expr 1:






      exit_month :

      Expr 2:




      By using Expr 1 , I am able to get the last month for the selected Quarter.

      Now I want that if I select two Quarter then I should last month of both the respective Quarters.


      if I select Q1 and Q2 then I should get June and September resp where Q1={Apr,May,Jun} and Q2={Jul,Aug,Sep}.


      I am trying to use the Expr 1 in  concat function as :


      concat(distinct (text(Date(Date#(if($(exit_month)=12,$(exit_month)-9,$(exit_month)+3),'MM'),'MMM'))),',')


      But not getting the result. Kindly help.