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    Remote Management Services - QMC Tasks Migrations.

    Diego Barboza

      Hello Community,


      I've had enough with manuals migrations and implementations, so I decided to start looking some information about automatic task migration. This is what I've got so far:


      - Official Help Document: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/12.1/Subsystems/QMC/Content/QMC_Documents_SourceDocuments.htm#Import_Task

      - User reference: Importing Tasks via Remote Management – Step-by-Step »  The Qlik Board!


      So far, everything seems to be working, however when I do the full import (in order o mirror Test and Dev or Prod and Test) I got an error message and not all the tasks are copied. Since not all tasks are copied, the ones that were actually copied but referred to a task that was not copied, the trigger got bugged and could not be deleted. For some cases, I had to delete the migrated task and create it again with the right triggers. I need to add that on this migration I had Supporting Tasks created on my source server that (of course) were not migrated ¿Was that the reason why the rest of the tasks were not created?


      Another thing is that if I copy only one single task (by right clicking on a qvw document on source files) the triggers will not be copied, unless it is an EDX trigger.


      ¿Does anyone has some experience working with Remote Management and found similar situations?

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          Chip Matejowsky

          Hi Diego,

          There are some stipulations with the Remote Management Service. See the online help entry here, which states:


          The Remote Management Services cannot be used to import Supporting Tasks.


          When importing a task, triggers of the type On Event from Another Task are excluded (that is, not imported). To keep such triggers, all tasks have to be imported as described in Import task.


          Hope this helps,


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              Diego Barboza

              Thanks for your answer Chip, I was aware about that the Supporting tasks would not be migrated, but the thing here is that I migrated all the tasks from a Dev Publisher into a Test publisher and this was the result:


              • 6 Supporting Tasks were not migrated (of course)
              • 26 Regular tasks were migrated (some triggers were not migrated)
              • 7 Regular tasks were not migrated


              Now, my main question is regarding the 7 regular tasks that were not migrated. Does this happen when you have Supporting Tasks? Or it is a known issue that not all tasks are going to be migrated?


              Apart from that, it is a shame that not all the triggers can be migrated when importing one single task. I completely forgot about it.