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    Summing up sub-levels in List box TreeView


      I formed a hierarcy using List box TreeView. I want all sub-levels to be summed up (like a pivot table does.) So for 'small' under 'Abrand' I need to see 55. And same for all above and below.  sum(cost) doesnt work!



      LOAD * Inline [
      Product, cost
      Abrand-smdll-salty, 19
      Abrand-small-salty, 23
      Abrand-small-sweet, 22
      Abrand-large-sweet, 12
      Bbrand-smdll-salty, 33
      Bbrand-small-salty, 23
      Bbrand-small-sweet, 43
      Bbrand-large-sweet, 65