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    Qlik Sense SSO behind NGINX reverse proxy

    Christoph Albrecht

      My Qlik Sense server is running online on an AWS EC2 instance with a public IP address.  I am using Okta with SAML as a single sign on service. Everything is working fine.


      But now I want to remove the public IP address and move the Qlik Sense server to a private subnet behind a NGINX in a public subnet. So the only public endpoint is NGINX. To reach the Qlik Sense server I have to go through NGINX.


      I tried to configure NGINX to forward all requests. But it is not working. Lets say my public endpoint is: qlik.server.public. When I am calling qlik.server.puplic/okta/hub I get the Okta Login Screen. And after logging in, I get a screen displaying: Signing in to Qlik Sense... But nothing more. NGINX should pass the requests to qlik.server.local.


      Does anybody know ho to configure NGINX to forward SSO SAML Authentication and so on?


      Thanks for helping me!