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    Inline image in mail body

    reshma k m



      I am using NPrinting 17.3


      Can I embed an image from the NPrinting report to the mail body?

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          Chanty 4u

          i think yes,


          can you check the options above the body of mail set of options available try there

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            Ruggero Piccoli

            Starting from the next release, November 2017, you will be able to embed reports into email bodies. So you will be able to create, for example, an HTML report with the image and embed it into the email body.


            From the November 2017 Release Notes:

            Embed HTML and QlikEntity report into email bodies

            You can embed HTML and QlikEntity reports directly into email bodies.

            Recipients will be able to see your data directly, without having to download and open an attachment. QlikEntity reports are embedded as images, and HTML reports are embedded as HTML code. You can embed as many reports as you want, including cycled reports. You can also add text and attachments as usual.


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              Lech Miszkiewicz

              Straight answer currently is: NO-you cannot.

              You can embed an image using its URL address as a source (it will not come from Qlik report though)  and as Ruggero said from next version you will be able to embed a reports in emails body, so you could then create an image as a dedicated report and embed it into your email body.