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      I ve two calendar object variables(Ex. start date, end date) and a list box(sales date). If I select one date each on start date & end-date,  then all the dates starting from the selected start date & enddate 'sales date' listbox have to be selected. i.e if i select 1-jan-2011 on start date calendar variable and 30-apr-2011 on end date , then the dates from 1st jan to 30th apr have to be selected on the 'sales date' listbox, which will give the sales data b/w the selected dates.


      Is this possible without using macro??

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          sushil kumar

          hi Sankar ,


          Just go through the attached application. I think that will help you.



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              Hi Sushi,

              Thanks for your reply.


              In your document, expressions in the charts ve been used with the set analysis. But I use only table boxes , not any charts. So the selections on the start date and end date ve to be reflected in the 'sales date' field, after which the sales data in all of the table boxes will be reflected accordingly.


              Any solution from anyone..

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                  Toni Kautto

                  To define a time interval I think slider solution is to most intuative way for a user. In addition to the sample provided by Sushil, please notice that you can use one slider instead of two with multi values to hanlde setting both variable from one object.


                  You probabaly need to replace your table box with a Straight Table Chart object to achieve what you are trying to do. I can not see how you would solve this in a easier way than with set analysis.

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                Kaushal Mehta


                I attched example of selection date FromToDate_WithoutMacro.qvw

                Please See given below link








                Kaushal Mehta

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                    Toni Kautto

                    First recommendation is that you introduce a master calendar to your application, so that your intervals and time lines are based on this instead of your fact table. By doing so you can accomplish a solution very similar to the one previously suggested.


                    Such a solution is also macro free, which is beneficial if you are going to run the app over AJAX later on. Keep in mind that macro and advance expressions are not the same thing.


                    I do not really follow on why you insist on using a list box instead of a slider/calendar object, since a list box is intended for multiple selections but not neccassarily sequencial. A slider on the other hand forces a selection over a sequence.


                    To get the seleciton visible you might need to use expressions, which should be possible to also accomplish in a list box but not in a table box.


                    Mater Calendar example:http://community.qlik.com/qlikviews/1022

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                      Hi Kaushal mehta,

                      I just checked your document, seems it is working as per my expectation. Could u explain me how the selection on the calendar variables impact on the CommonDate1 field..



                      Thanks & regards,