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    Loading a field with percentages and numbers

    Chris Luscombe

      Hi Everyone -

      I am loading data into a Qlik Sense application that contains a field called ROI (return on investment).  This field is manually populated in an upstream system.  Sometimes the user enters just a number (25), other times the user enters a number with a percent sign (25%). Upon loading this data I then end up with values that not comparable. I'll end up with a field that looks like:


      Record #         ROI

      1                    25

      2                   .25


      This doesnt help me since the end users intended for 25 and 25% to represent the same value.


      How do I control for this dirty data input to make the values comparable? Thanks!



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          Luis Madriz

          Hi Chris,


          Assuming that's the typical error I would do this:


          I would define my limits to the ROI, let's say between -0.5 and 2 (-50% and 200%) then I would create an Updated ROI field in the loading script that, if within the limits, the same value but if not, the value / 100. At the same time I'd create a flag as UpdatedROI_Flag with 0 for the ones that you didn't update and 1 for the ones that you updated, so i'ts easy to see and troubleshoot what you did.


          This of course assumes you don't have have projects with 2500% ROI... well, those would be amasing projects!!!


          You could also create it on the chart after the loading script but it'll depend on the size of your data. I usually don't like to create chart fields with IFbut it could work... I'm talking Qlik Sense in this part. I've never see Qlik View


          I hope this helps,





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            Luis Madriz



            Just wondering to know how you went about this one, Did you manage to get some control upstream? or maybe a report to users to update accordingly?






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              Bill Markham

              You could use the PurgeChar() function in your load script to remove the % symbols


              Maybe some like :


                   num ( PurgeChar ( [ROI] , '%'  ) / 100 ) , '#o%' )


              That is assuming they both have same numeric interpretation.  If 25% is otherwise represented as 0.25 then you will probably need to use an If statement using the Index() function to only divide by 100 if a % character is found.