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    Hi All, In Production environment very frequently we are getting the ERROR :OLEDB Read Failed. Is it the problem with Qlikview Server or Database Server

        52 fields found: Asci_region, Asci_service_name_c, Asci_fl_account, Asci_province, phone_model, Sent_date1, rec_asc_date1, dap_rec_flag, customization_flag, asc_refcode, input_flag, asc_flag, status, sent_flag, asc_code, imei, asc_jobid, Delivery_Key, dap_hub_id, vh_refcode, check_flag, invoice_remark, invoice_flag, ref_reason, ref_reason_remark, sample_flag, call_flag, id, Inspect_flag, network_identify, color_check_flag, phone_user, end_user, warranty_flag, warranty_remark, Helper_fl_code, Helper_region, Cust_Region, Cust_Province, Cust_Fl_Code, call_question3, call_question1, call_question5, call_turnon, call_tel_name, call_asc_code, call_asc_jobid, call_imei, call_question2, call_question6, call_question4, call_turnoff, SQL Error:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Time-out occurred while waiting for buffer latch type 2 for page (1:4316952), database ID 9.
      SQL Scriptline:
      SQL State:37000
      5/15/2011 9:07:54 PM:       Error: ODBC read failed
      5/15/2011 9:07:54 PM:       General Script Error

      5/15/2011 9:07:54 PM:       Execution Failed

      5/15/2011 9:07:54 PM:      Execution finished.