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    nPrinting Newbie - Help on Understanding Textbox value

    Craig Bannerman

      Hi All,


      One of the systems I took over has several nPrinting reports running accross them which is fine.

      I believe one of the results being pulled through is being incorrectly calculated and the problem is I can't find it anywhere!!


      I need to find where <FTF%> is being called from but there is no refference in the Qlikview project of any fields titled FTF.


      I've never created a report on nPrinting so not sure how it works yet.

      Any assistance would be great.



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          Ruggero Piccoli



          <FTF%> is a tag inside a report template. It could be a QlikView field, but also a QlikView Variable, or an NPrinting formula, etc.

          The problem is that the entity <FTF%> is used in the template but it is not available in the source QlikView document, so Qlik NPrinting is not able to replace it with the value/s during the report generation.

          You have to refresh the connection cache, open the template with the Designer and correct the issue. If you have never create an NPrinting template before I strongly suggest you to ask the help of the person who created the reports you are using.



          Best Regards,



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            Daniel Jenkins

            Hi Craig,


            If you can't find a QlikView document field or variable with that name it could be a formula in the NPrinting report. Example:

            HTH - Daniel.