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    where to config/update the Active Directory/LDAP IP

    Zhihong He

      Hi, all,


      Recently, our IT changed the IP ( as cause the error in the log file below) of the server where hold the users and groups for our QV development server.

      Our DSC service failed after the change. We try to find where the IP is set for the DSC LDAP configuration, checked:

      C:\Program Files\QlikView\Directory Service Connector\QVDirectoryServiceConnector.exe.config

      but can not find it.

      Also searched some time in the community, but did not find it yet.

      Can any QV server expert help us?


      Detail info of what checked is as below:

      The log file from C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DirectoryServiceConnector\Log

      10-9-2017 03:00:10.0571265InformationAttempting to start DSC soap server at port 4730...
      10-9-2017 03:00:10.2651423Information(ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider) Looking up RootDSE: LDAP://
      10-9-2017 03:00:21.7763265InformationStart web service call GetAvailableDSProviders
      10-9-2017 03:00:31.3079425Warning(ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider+CachedDirectoryEntryHolder) Fetching directoryentry LDAP:// failed: The server is not operational.
      10-9-2017 03:00:31.3108723Warning(ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider) Exception while initializing LDAP:// Setting up connection failed; The server is not operational.
      10-9-2017 03:00:31.3128255Error(DSC.DirectoryFramework) setup path not successful for user 'dqatraffic\tatooinedev' at 'LDAP://': System.Exception: Setting up connection failed; The server is not operational. ||  ||    at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.CachedDirectoryEntryHolder.get_Entry() ||    at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.GetDirectoryEntry(String path) ||    at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.SetupPath(String _path, String _username, String _password) ||    at DSC.DirectoryFramework.SetupResource(Guid id, String type, String path, String username, String password, IDictionary`2 newSettings)
      10-9-2017 03:00:31.3138021Warning(DSC.DirectoryFramework) Setting up adDSP 'LDAP://' wasn't successful: Setting up connection failed; The server is not operational.
      10-9-2017 03:00:31.3479831InformationInitializing done


      And the screenshot of QMC is as below:

      Screenshot from 2017-11-10 11:14:37.png

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          Peter Cammaert

          On the server where the DSC service is running, check the folder C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DirectoryServiceConnector\Resources. It should contain an xml configuration file for every DSP you defined in QMC. If I understand you well, there should be only one.


          Open the file in notepad, change the LDAP location (between <path>...</path> tags), save and restart the DSC service.


          Although it's kind of weird that the DSC crashes because a Directory service can't be found. Chicken and egg: how can you change an incorrect configuration if the service that lets you define/modify those configurations refuses to start because of that configuration?

          Ah, I know. Simply because you try to login with an account that is defined by that same LDAP (changed) server. Has your QlikView server been rebooted to make it aware of that AD Controller change?





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              Zhihong He



              Thanks. Yes, your understand me correctly. We use the user account defined by the changed LDAP server.

              Found the .xml file and updated it. Restarted all the QV services. The error from the log is gone.

              And after a reboot, the DSC service is still not alive. But not the issue as mentioned in the original question.

              From the error info when try to open the .qvw, I get some clue.

              I will try if I can fix it and then update here later.



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                  Zhihong He

                  Hi, all,


                  Just a further update of the issue I had later after modify the LDAP configuration.

                  After update the LDAP, then the log error from DSC is gone, but the DSC is still down. And got the error below when clicks on .qvw in QMC->Documents with Document CALs.

                  The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Ntlm'. The authentication header received from the server was 'NTLM'.


                  We later figure it out, that is because we blocked the user that is used for the login of DSC in

                  QMC->System->Setup->Directory Service Connetors->DSC@*->Login


                  After update that, then the DSC service is back.


                  Hope the update helps others.