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    "Invite members" button not available

    Vered BB

      Hello Dear QS Cloud Staff.

      I tried to follow all steps by order as describe in your video How To Share /Invite Friends.

      And I still confused about this procedure.

      The only place that allows do that is "My Stream".

      And only apps that can be published are placed in "My Work" with 25 mega limit per app.

      And After I had been accomplished my app in "Workspace" and published in Stream "..Sales" .

      Then I tride to share/invite "Workspace" \ Stream "Sales" that i started -This button "Invite members" is not available.

      I deleted Sream "Sales" and tried again -same result.

      Invite members not avalaible in QS Cloud Business.PNG


      Pleas Help

        • Re: "Invite members" button not available
          Leigh Peiser

          Hi Vered


          Have you purchased extra seats with your Business license?


          As far as I'm aware, you would only be able to Invite members to Workspaces and Streams if you have paid seats/licenses available.


          The reason that you would have the option to invite members under My Work is that you are able to Invite up to 5 members (for free) to view your Personal apps, under My Work / My Stream.