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    Qlik to Cassandra 2.2 works but 3.0.15 does not

    Pablo J

      Hi all,


      This is probably a question for DataStax rather than for Qlik forums...


      I was sucessful connecting Qlik Sense Desktop 11.14.3 with Cassandra 2.2 using Datastax ODBC driver, but I cannot do the same with Cassandra 3.0.15 nor with Cassandra 3.11. In Windows 10 -> ODBC Data Sources (64 bits) -> System DSN , then I click on DataStax Cassandra ODBC DSN64 (I have installed it moments ago) -> Configure. When I set up the host, port and and keyspace, I get the message:


      Failed to establish connection

      SQLSTATE: HY000[DataStax][CassandraODBC] (100) Failed to connect to Cassandra database: Not even protocol version 1 is supported




      Do you have any suggestions? Is there any documentation stating that the driver is not compatible with Cassandra 3 ?



        • Re: Qlik to Cassandra 2.2 works but 3.0.15 does not
          Pablo J

          Sorry, I fixed it myself. I think I was using a wrong version of the ODBC driver - I was using Datastax driver (the latest I think) which apparently does not work for Cassandra 3.X. I have now downloaded the latest version of the ODBC driver from the Simba website (30-day trial version) and it is working :-)


          The confusion came from the fact that I thought the Datastax driver and the Simba driver were the same as I read somewhere that "Simba and Datastax have partnered to develop a driver...".