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    importing Publisher tasks with copy QVPR causes cluster node creation

    Richard Lewis

      Hello Experts,


      My scenario is I have a test (sandbox) environment for testing the process of importing Publisher jobs by copying the QVPR

      folder and changing the machine name in the relevant xml files within QVPR.


      All appeared going well until a message popped up on the test box saying a cluster node had been created and it prompted for

      a key.


      My goal is to have my sandbox environment up concurrently with the development box from which I copied the QVPR folder..

      I don't want to cluster the two, since the development will be going away shortly as it is version 11.


      I am using a evaluation license for the sandbox environment, so I don't understand why a node would be created between

      the sandbox and my development box (development box has a completely different license)


      Can anyone enlighten?


      More background:

      1) Evaluation license is an enterprise version (not sure it this is relevant)

      2) I followed renaming of machines within XML files and changed the mount line in the config.ini)

      3) It doesn't appear like the cluster was created successfully (that is no change on the development box)


      Any input appreciated!