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    NPrinting preview works, but charts missing when generating on-demand

    danelle hee



      When developing an NPrinting Excel report, I can preview the chart data, but upon exporting the report from On-Demand, all chart information is missing from the export. The chart types include pivot tables and straight tables; I paste in the object IDs - there's no further editing done in NPrinting designer.


      I have:

      -re-created the NPrinting application, connection, and report

      -exported to different file types,

      -deleted all triggers, bookmarks, and sheets (and recreated a basic straight table)

      -reset all document properties to the default

      -restarted NPrinting server and services

      -re uploaded a different copy of the application

      -deleted and re-added the nprinting user in the QMC


      --without success.


      What has worked is creating a brand new application and reloading the exported script to create a basic straight table and developing a new on-demand report off of a different QVW.


      Has anyone else encountered this error? Are any variable names/conventions known to cause this bug?


      I'm using NPrinting 17.3.1.


      Any insight is appreciated!