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    Monitoring Apps for Shared Persistence

    rohit kumar

      Hi All,

      Can someone tell me how operational monitoring apps  works on Qlik Sense shared persistence, how can we bifurcate information of different nodes in shared persesitence ?




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          Toni Kautto

          I am not really sure what detail you are looking for.


          Have you used the monitoring apps?

          What detail is missing when you use them?

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              rohit kumar

              Hi Toni,

              Thanks for your response!


              Yes sir i have used monitoring apps on syncronized persistence but now I am trying to use it for shared persistence.


              In my Qlik site, I have 5 servers, Central, two sceduler(Sceduler , Engine services) , two proxy(Proxy and Engine services). When I am reading the operational monitoring app, I can only see data for Central Node only i.e Max CPU, Max RAM etc.


              I have two proxy nodes, I wana to analyize each one separtely with the help of operationl monitoring apps.

              Few question I am trying to find :

              1. What is max concurrent users for each proxy node,

              2. Max CPU USES for each server in site

              3. RAM consuption for each site



              So I just wana bifuracte operational monitoring app information with respect to each and every sever in Qlik site