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    How to compress data in timeline using variable e.g. 0-10 minutes?

    Marko Seppälä



      My log file has about 720000 rows per day, so I need to give user opportunity to average/count data over time e.g. 1/5/10 minutes average or 3/5/7 minutes count. Selections can be predefined integers or slider between min and max.


      But I don't have an idea how or where this procedure would be best to do, in data loading script (e.g. something similar like master calendar but instead of date to do it for time) or in visualization phase or somewhere else?


      Data has four fields: Timestamp, TagID, Reader, RSSI.


      1) In first sheet I would like to average RSSI values over time and then update line chart respectively for e.g. 5 minutes average.

      TagID timeline.png


      2) In second sheet I would like to count Readers over time then update bar chart respectively for e.g. 5 minutes average.

      Reader count.png

      I would appreciate any help or tips or links to reference material. Thanks in advance.