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    How to dynamically calculate count for rolling months based on a range selection in filter in qliksense.

    prashanth yachamaneni

      Hi All,


      I am new to qlik sense, got a requirement which I have to implement, it is as below.


      There is a table let us say:


      user  Jan Feb Mar Apr

      x         20  40   30   70

      y         30  50   40   30

      z         40  60   10   20


      There are two filters with name, range and month for selection in the sheet which display values.

      Range        Month

      1                  Jan  

      2                 Feb

      3                 Mar

      4                 Apr


      I selected month Apr and range = 2 then I should calculate  percentage for user starting from (Mar) ie previous month

      the formula for percentage is individual count for Mar and Feb divided by total count.

      For user x it will be (30+40)/(30+40+10+40+50+60)..

      Similarly if I select range = 3 and month = Apr it should calculate for three months ie, Mar,Feb,Jan. Dynamically we have to calculate based on the selection in range filter.


      Has anyone come across such scenario. Please help me out in implementing this requirement.