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    Set Analysis question - AND or OR



      I have a chart with the following expression:


       count(distinct{$ <SASTATUS.SA_STATUS_DESCRIPTION = {'Closed'},
            SATYPE.CATEGORY = {'Domestic'},
             PREM.REG_STATUS = {'N'},
              PREM.ENER_FLG = {'D'}>}MPRN.MPRN)

      However, there is someone with more than one SA_STATUS_DESCRIPTION (he has one of Combined as well as Closed.)


      My question is why is he not excluded? Does he need to meet SOME of the conditions or ALL of the conditions?


      If it is searching for people that meet SOME of the conditions, then why are people with more than one

      SATYPE.CATEGORY not appearing (for example).


      Is there an order that needs to be applied?


      Any advice gratefully received.