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    String value in variable

    Nataliia Skliar

      I have set of some numbers in the field "Num_Set": 10 01, 10 02 , 10 03, 10 04, 10 05. Every number is a string value, cause of space between first pair and second pair of digits.

      I need to select maxsimum number from the set (10 05) and assign the result into the variable: v_num_set = MaxString([Num_Set]).

      Next step is to use this variable in "Actions - Select in field" for some text object. When I click on this object it should be autoselection in the field "Num_Set" .

      So I set in text object's "Actions" field "Num_Set" and as the "Search String" set variable = $(v_num_set).

      But as the result, nothing is selected.

      If I replase $(v_num_set) by MaxString([Num_Set]) - everything works.

      Can any one explaint to me why is it so?