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    Documentation out of date.  No 'year' field in app 'HelpdeskManagement'

    justin woodhead



      Q1) There seems to be no field 'year' in example 'HelpDeskManagment'


      well certainly in the


      on page examples building dynamic pass parameters for iframe :-




      Select and copy the entire iframe code.

      Example: Open Cases by Age chart from Helpdesk Management demo app with Year 2012 selected


      Q2) iframe - cannot use iframe of same object on same web page,


      It seens there is only 1 object iframe.  because of this there seems to be a limitation

      that these IFRAME are 'static'  and only 1 object is available.


      Meaning you cannot have the same object and filter on different data on the same page :-


      example 2 graphs showing different dates :-








      <div id="graph1" >


      <h2> pass in dates 42156,42538,42540,42541,42542,42543,42544 </h2>


      <iframe width="560" height="315" src='http://localhost:4848/single/?appid=5CQLIK%5CStore%5CSense%5CApps%5CHelpdesk%20Management.qvf&obj=hRZaKk&select=clearall&select=Date,42156,42538,42540,42541,42542,42543,42544'  frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>




      <div id="graph2" >

          <h2> pass in dates 41987 </h2>

          <iframe width="560" height="315" src='http://localhost:4848/single/?appid=5CQLIK%5CStore%5CSense%5CApps%5CHelpdesk%20Management.qvf&obj=hRZaKk&select=clearall&select=Date,41987'  frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>