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    Weeknumber not associated with measure

    Wim Embrechts



      In the script in a Calendar I created a previous week dimension.




      num(Datum) as DateNum,

      date(Datum) as Date,

      year(Datum) as Year,

      month(Datum) as Month,

      day(Datum) as Day,

      num(month(Datum) ) as MonthNum,

          Weekday(Datum, 0) as Weekday,

          floor(monthstart(Datum)) as YearMonthStartNum,

          week(Datum) as Weeknr,

          week(now())-1 as PreviousWeeknr

      resident AllDates;


      In the app the previous weeknummer is showing correctly but the measure isn't.

      The measure is just a very simple sum of answered calls: sum(Answered)

      Although the previous weeknumber is showing correctly, the measure is showing the complete total for all weeks and all years and not only the sum for the previous week. I also tried week(Today())-1 but it didn't work either


      I'm not having this problem with Month, Year, Weekday...


      Does anyone can advice me on this?