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    Set analysis not working - Ignore selections

    Daniel Rodríguez

      Hello all


      First of all,thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.


      I have an issue with set analysis and I'm not able to solve it. The problem is the following:


      As you can see in this thread ( Working with dates - Last date ), I want to display just the last date data. With some help I was able to do it. The problem is that I want to ignore any filter I have and it seems that it's not working just with year and month. The formula I'm using is:


      sum({1<[date_variable] = {'$(maxdate)'}>}[A])


      where maxdate is: max(date([date_variable]))


      I don't see where is the problem as I'm using 1 to ignore all the selections...Is there anyone who can help me?


      Thanks so much